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R.O. is an Italian company specializing in resources optimization, a practical application of Operations Research.

Since 1984 R.O. has used its skills to solve glass cutting problems. The Optim program, despite the limited possibilities offered by computers and programming languages of that time, reached excellent results in reducing glass working scraps.

R.O. has continued its work looking every time for more effective algorithms. The new programs are appreciated at European level. Apart from material and machine time saving, the user friendly character of this software and its conformity to standards in force have been taken into consideration.

In 1995 Perfect Cut gets on the market, in Windows environment, and the algorithm of pieces positioning is further improved, becoming really effective, one of the best in the world. Other products have been added to it to offer a complete range of products for the glass sector, both for linear and shape cutting.

Working with a company specialized in management software, R.O. has developed Perfect GEA, a management software (orders, travel documents, invoices, bills, stock, etc.), currently used by about thirty customers all over Italy, and has recently worked out its integration with Perfect Gepro, a program for production scheduling and monitoring.

R.O., after having worked with Copmes, today has among its customers important glass cutting machines producers, such as Intermac and Forel.

R.O. products use Windows environment new technologies: Microsoft Visual C++, Data base Access, SQL Server.

Software Assistance is carried out with remote assistance programs.


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