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New features of Perfect Cut Release 6.4  Service Pack 4

Intermac: new LMH machines

A new specific management has been integrated for the new model of fully automatic Intermac machines called LMH, for cutting laminated glass.
To ensure the automatic management of LMH machines, a new logic for rotations (both downstream and upstream) has been developed by introducing new parameters and considerations on the cutting pattern.
A particular logic has also been implemented for the movement and rotation of the pieces containing shapes, to ensure the automatic cutting of the same.
The lengthening of the cuts on the edges is also managed in the event that the final waste is below a defined limit, to avoid problems in expulsion.

Perfect Label

In the measurement fields, such as dimensions, thickness, weight and grinding, it is now possible to define the format for the number of decimal places in c/printf format. In addition to the already present possibility of formatting the field as a string (for example% 04s), it is now possible to specify the float format% 0N.Mlf (N = number of integers, M = number of decimal digits). If there are no decimal digits, only the whole number is shown.


By default, the measurement fields now adapt to the unit of measurement defined within Perfect Cut, but it is possible to force the printing of the fields in other measurement units of your choice.


Through ASCII import it is possible to define the priority for the composite pieces. The expected format, in subfield 13 of Note 2 is:
ID PieceID1-multiplicity1-priority1 ^ ID PieceID2-multiplicity2-priority2 ^ …
The priority must be a number between 0 and 9, and it is possible to restrict the use of composite pieces only and avoid the use of single pieces, by setting the priority to the maximum value 9.


In general configuration it is possible to define a second «shape path» (defining path1 | path2), which is used when the «Open» button of Perfect Shape is used.
Through the menu «File», «Export bitmap layout» it is now possible to export the cutting layouts in PNG format. The files are saved in «Path Export» (General Configuration).
This export is also callable via batch commands using the PNGL command.

Import from native Lisec

In the import window of the files generated by Lisec it is now possible to limit the number of folders to be displayed directly from the “View” menu of the window or in hidden configuration. The folder limit corresponds to the day limit, and by setting the limit to 0, the entire content is displayed.

Bender outputs

Perfect Cut is now able to generate files for the new Lombarda Macchine bender, using the LOMBARDA.INI file to define the information relating to the spacers inside the projects.
For Rjukan bender output, the management of a specific Rjukan configuration has been added via the RJUKAN.INI file, replacing the use of GENERIC.INI.

Intermac numerical control

In the case of combined machines between laminated and monolithic machines (for low emissivity or labeling) the PATTERN section has been corrected, and the management of the mirroring of the shapes has been implemented in case the display of the layouts is set to the right (mirrored) on the monolithic cutting machine.
For Perfect ONE licenses, a message requesting confirmation is now displayed when a numerical control is forced.

Macotec laminated numerical control

In the configuration of the machines with laminated MACOTEC numerical control it is possible to limit the maximum number of Z cuts, to avoid size errors on the last cut piece.
For nested cuts (Z cuts only engraved and separated by the operator) only the constraint of the maximum number of Z cuts in a transversal is considered, instead of the maximum cost of this.
The management of the X and Y trims of the sheets has been implemented.

Bavelloni numerical control

Output has been added for Bavelloni machines with REV732 Flexium and SYNCRO REV1 versions, now selectable in “Machine Type” in the numerical control configuration.
It is also possible to set «NO XOFF» to avoid inserting the end of file character in ISO files, which in some cases is not wanted.

Bottero numerical control

In the parameters for the labeller, the “Rotate shapes 180 degrees” parameter automatically changes the pieces with shapes with 0-90 ° rotations into 180 ° -270 ° rotations.
By setting “Correction”, an additional correction is also performed in the position of the label in the case of shapes rotated 0-90 ° to manage a problem on labeling in Bottero numerical control.