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An integrated environment

Perfect Suite brings together our best software solutions. Each module can be purchased separately allowing to model the purchase formula according to the needs. Every product has been developed with Visual C++, .NET and SQL Server and these can be installed in every Windows platform, also in local area network version.


The features

  • Self-installing software
  • Selectable language (Italian, English, Deutsch, French, Spanish, Chinese, Arabic, Serbian, Persian, Polish, Russian, Taiwanese, Swedish, Romanian, Hungerian, Dutch, Turkish and Portuguese)
  • Settable sizes in Millimeters, Centimeters, Standard Inches, Fraction Inches, Standard Feet, Taiwan Inches, Taiwan Feet and Taiwan Hundredth
  • Remote support



Perfect Suite is composed by software modules with specifics features each. The modules are connected to each other. Every module can be separately purchased and this can allow to create a purchase composition based on personal needs.


Icona Perfect Cut smallPerfect Cut, the main software of Perfect Suite, deals with cut optimization, from more than 30 years it is costantly updated and improved to manage and fix glass production problems at 360-degree.  Read more ▸


Icona Perfect Cut smallPerfect Editor is used for cutting layouts and allows to modify layouts given by the optimizer. Useful especially to modify and/or complete the last layout. Read more ▸


Icona perfect LabelPerfect Label  allows the creation and the print of personalized labels, the planning of many label modules, usable for different Customers or for different material type. Read more ▸


Icona Perfect CadPerfect CAD  is equipped by many features such as the optimization management of spline curves, the offset for grinding management, borders, the definition of the cut starting point, the command of the shape’s clockwise or counterclockwise rotation. Read more ▸


Icona Perfect ShapePerfect Shape, used for parametric shapes management, allows to create and to add new parametric shapes in addition to the given ones with the bundle. Read more ▸


Icona Perfect Tv smallPerfect TV allows the layout view from remote monitor (typically a TV monitor) placed in production, the online view of the movements for laminated cutting and the synchronization with labels print. Read more ▸


Icona NC smallPerfect NC  interface directly some cut machines, opens optimized projects by Perfect Cut, generates ISO file etc. Read more ▸


Icona Perfect Rack smallPerfect Rack allows to optimize the rack management integrated by Perfect Cut optimizer. Read more ▸


Icona Perfect NC smallPerfect Bender allows the output for the most known bending machines, seal machines, grinding machines, line server. Read more ▸


Icona Perfect Stock smallPerfect Stock  allows the interaction with automatic stock management (Officine Mistrello, MOVETRO, Intermac, Forel). Read more ▸


Icona Perfect Stat smallPerfect Stat allows the reading of reports coming from machines at the beginning and at the end of every cut sheet and therefore provides a user interface that allows to have a production statistics. Read more ▸


Icona Perfect Code small Perfect Code Client / Server   allows the monitoring of single glass from more than one check point (clients) by barcode, using labels print of Perfect LabelRead more ▸


Icona Perfect Notch smallPerfect Notch allows the insertion of notches on Perfect Shape. It can use parametric files or DXF files. Read more ▸


Icona Perfect Sfalsato smallPerfect Step Unit allows the insertion of double or triple glass with the indications for structural glass. Read more ▸


Icona Perfect Shape smallPerfect Scan  allows to acquire shapes that can later be edited by CAD and selectable by Perfect Shape. Read more ▸


Icona perfect Photo smallPerfect Photo allows to acquire the shape prototype from a digital photograph and to convert it into a spline curve, on which it goes to the cut on glass. Read more ▸


Icona Perfect Service smallPerfect Service is the module used to synchronize the configurations and stock of all Perfect Cut on local area network.