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Perfect CAD
Simple CAD for the glassmaker

Is dedicated to the glass sector and it’s complete in every characteristics of the environment (digital drafting machine and graphic table interfaces, spline management, offset for the grinding, and many others).
Efficient and easy to use (needs less than one training day).


Allows to define:

  • The initial node of the shape
  • The cut direction and the tool to use on the single entity (curves or segments)
  • An “automatic connector” on shapes building, so that contiguous entity will be connected to each other in order to give continuity to the cutting head


  • DXF format import and the next draw changes with grinding offset, border and border advance methods
  • The acquisition from a file of a shape prototype detected points made of carton or other material (through table, digital drafting machine, or laser equipment) with points interpolation with an optimal curve, always in tangency and with the minimum quantity of usable entities from postprocessor (arches or segments)
  • The Perfect Photo option allows to acquire a shape from a digital photo