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New features of Perfect Cut Release 6.3  Service Pack 7

Monolithic Intermac, LowE ISO for shapes

Now, by setting the “Shapes LowE” configuration flag, the shapes for LowE are differentiated from the cutting ones and only defined in [LowE] section, so we allow the management of shapes with LowE removal greater than the half of the grind (multi step) and the grinding on sheet’s edge.

Perfect Label

Now it’s possible to change foreground and background colours of each objects (or all) of the label, with the “Change colours” voice of the configuration popup menu of each field or of the entire label.

float-leftIt is also possible to swap the foreground colour with the background one, by way of the button between the two selections, or to restore the default colours, by way of the chess pattern button.



Added the possibility to make an horizontal allign for bar code fields.

Inserting pieces on cutoffs

It was developed a function to insert pieces on cutoffs, usable from Tools Menu. The pieces still not allocated on layouts are inserted, if possible, on the cutoffs without adding new sheets. First we try to insert the pieces to be cut, then the ones defined as standard.

Exclusion of the shape from cutting

With mouse right click on the shape column of the piece to select there’s the possibility to select “Exclude shape from cutting”, in order to exclude only the selected shapes when sent to CN.
It is possible to exclude the shape in the import (txt or Excel) including “EXCL=1” on methods e.g. N1=FIORE.DXF[OFFSET=1|EXCL=1]

Step Unit management

Step unit management on square and on shape also in case of internal laminated piece.
By a click on the “sun” (that indicate the external view) it is possible to reverse the external view with the internal view.
For the shapes with width less than height it has been improved the visualization showing it in scale.
This visualization is indicated with a green icon on the top of the screen, by clicking it (it becomes red) it restores the visualization with the orthogonal projection.

Set balanced Trim

For Intermac and Macotec numerical controls it has been added the possibility, with right click of the mouse on cutoffs, to balance the trim in an automatic way, making the trim and the edge equals, in Y(trimY and borderY) if the transversals are vertical, in X (trimX and borderX) if the transversals are horizontal.

Project description

It is now possible to define a description of the project with a right click on the name of the project in the Project view.
This can be used for particular goals (printings, export, Lisec Line Server exit, etc.) and it will be displayed near the project’s name.

Ascii country code

New management for some postprocessor with languages that used non-ascii characters with a selection combo box in Configuration – General.
This combo presents options like “Disabled” (manage only standard ascii characters) , “Automatic”(country code based on operating system), and a list of selectable languages names, with code and description. It is also possible to insert only one numerical code that is different from the ones in the list.

Plastic thickness

Definition of the plastic thickness (to be take in count for bender output and for the placement on racks) in PVB.INI, to calculate correctly the glass thickness in case of internally laminated glass using, for the use in the racks management and for the bender output.


Perfect TV

Added the possibility to close Perfect TV and automatically open Perfect Cut with the previous active project where Perfect TV was working.


It is now managed the net install for the new SENTINEL keys.

Monolith Macotec Control

It is now managed the label printing by package, with the possibility to define the printing on the last label of each size and to print all the label if the piece’s quantity is less than the quantity of the package.

Shapes management on Macotec stratified NC

Shapes management with diagonal cuts through, either from shape (generic or parametric) and from pieces with definition of diagonal cuts. Each shape or piece with diagonal cuts are memorized in a “shp” file, in which only the diagonal cuts are stored. A configuration parameters defines if the shape is to be cut at the piece exit or at the end of the job (project or family).
The shapes that can not be managed for cutting on laminated machine are displayed with red colour.

Perfect Stat and Perfect Report for Macotec machines

Integration of the Perfect Stat module, from production’s logs coming from Perfect NC and Perfect TV modules, that drive Macotec monolithic and laminated cutting machines.
Generation from Perfec NC of two CSV files stored on REPORT subdirectory of Perfect Cut installation path. The first one stores the cut sheets with corresponding start and finish times, duration, waste and the second one contains the list of cut pieces and corresponding info.

Macotec machines

Added the display of the time to finish the current sheet, also considering the speed set by operator, in seconds and percent, depending of the cutting step inside the layout, as read from NC.

GFP cutting machines

Management of the load flag of the park sheet and the size to move back, in the case of park of the remaining sheet, for GFP laminated cutting machine with Sipro M8 NC.