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New features of Perfect Cut Release 6.3  Service Pack 1


Import from Lisec, or racks informations import with RACKS section: maintenance of informations even in case of layout changes through graphic editor.

Bending machine and Line Server

Spacers output Lisec TFR with insulating file (Bending machine and Line Server).

Perfect Shape Plus

Shaped staggered glass management as machining on Perfect Shape Plus (it’s controlled that the glass components are at least 2 and it associates a different shape for each component).

Perfect Label

Family field management with the possibility to visualize: family code or extended family or component 1/2/3 or spacer 1/2, with the possibility to select the visualization only of the code, only of the description or code + description or thickness. The extended family it’s different from family, only if the piece is a insulating glass and the mode printing is for single glass.

Macotec double-bridge

Possibility of parking before the entry on bridge 2.

Lisec import

Lisec import with dialog that visualize all the existing projects on import directory and visulize its by the selection of the project to import, showing the informations of base directory, sub-directory1, sub-directory2, batch, possible other batches, family and alias. The last one has a given value only if the family exists (like alias or with the name) in the Perfect Cut stock.


In case of deletion of the last sheet and the insertion on a new project, the racks informations won’t get lost, possibly derived from Lisec import or RO import through RACKS section.


Inserted the minimum size for the minimun side of the tails for each family. If the base minimum side is 1000 and the second is 600 a tailing of 1200×700 is inserted.


With ALT GR + click on piece, the possibility to see piece information on layout (Perfect Cut, Perfect TV, Perfect NC), depending on the size set on Configuration – Display (Perfect Cut), Configuration – Monitor TV (Perfect TV, Perfect NC). The piece informations that you want to see are configurated on “Graphics” column on “Set Racks Print”. The informations are the same of the ones contained on tooltip during the mouse passage.

Intermac NC

Tangential grinder low emission multi-step with defined order (horizontal steps before and vertical ones after). The horizontal steps starts after the end of the step on left and it ends before the step on right, with recoating saved in a parameter.

Diagonal cuts

Inserted on import the possibility to import diagonal cuts as defined on diagonal cuts column of the piece view; every diagonal cut is divided by ^; for every diagonal cut it’s necessary to define type and parameters divided by the | character: for the circle R|<radius>|<x center>|<y center>, for actual diagonals cuts <type>|<quota1>|<quota2>, where the possible types are DC,DB,AC,AB,CB,AD.

Macotec break machine

Macotec break machine management with visualization of transversals on a second Monitor.

Last traversal management

Intermac and Macotec laminated glass numerical control: last traversal for all cutting levels. If a transversal is lower than the minimum size, Intermac for exception it is positioned as last.

Minimun tailing

The possibility to indicate two sizes that define the minimum tailing, not only the biggest size but also the smallest one.


Synchronization between numerical control and Perfect TV for the cut-off: possibility to insert on PERFECT.TV file the CUT instruction to visualize in red the transversal cut-off quota with parameter type =7, for example CUT x0,y0,x1,y1,0,7,0. The previous quota (if it exists) is coloured with orange. The cut is researched from the beginning, because the break machine goes forward with x decreasing.


Synchronism between Numerical Control and Perfect Label, through toprint.txt file, to print alle pieces labels contained in a specific layout / repetition, also inclusive of the layout possible tailings.

Perfect Stat

Released Perfect Stat module, for production statistics from monitoring data that comes from Intermac cutting machines. The productions data are saved from Intermac NC in a particular NC directory. Perfect Cut saves the detected data of the optimization project on SQL Server database at the beginning of the numerical control. Perfect Stat Reader module reads the informations contained in REP files written by Intermac NC, it correlates them to optmized projects from Perfect Cut. Through Perfect Stat, even on many SQL Server clients, it can filter data that it want (period, from starting to ending time, time slot, machine, thickness, family, if a Perfect Cut project exists or not, cutomer, order etc.) and have a summary of production data such as machine, family, machining type, starting date/time, ending date/time, spent time, used glass total area, cut pieces area, scrap area, scrap percentage, number of pieces, number of sheets.

Perfect Shape

Perfect Notch management option has been added, with the possibility to define more insertion points, and to insert the notch either from DXF format shapes and from parametric shapes.

ASCII Import codepage file

It uses the codepage parameter on general configuration (already used for NC output on codepage). For example for the chinese has to be set 0 (zero: automatic on system codepage) or 936 (chinese codepage simplified code).

Low emission

Changes for low emission removal on piece for Bottero NC.

Auto-saving configuration

Added the possibility to configurate the auto-saving of projects copy on Perfect Cut configuration:  every time interval chosen by the user, the project state modified is saved on project_name_AUTOSAVE.OT5 file on the same directory of the original project. The only exception is PerfectCut1.OT5, that is saved on projects path defined in configuration. The projects _AUTOSAVE are deleted when the original one is correctly saved.

Pieces direction

Added the possibility to visualize pieces direction on layouts, on Show menu of Perfect Cut.

Model configuration

The possibility to define the model on single machine configuration to allow the correct projects loading on configurations with machines that have a different order through the usage of ModelliMacchine.INI file (for example [INTERMAC-OTD] model1=GENIUS CT model2=GENIUS LM 37).

Perfect NC

Monolith and laminated GFP control : skipped cuts management.

Traversal cut management

Transversal Cut management for monolith GFP NC (transversal first and internal cuts after).

Harp rack

Management of maximum weight restraint of a piece to insert in a slot for harp racks.

Loader CutOff

Tailings print with the addition of description field containing the reference to the piece position on harp rack.
The choice of the rack to insert from the “free” ones and the possibility of insertion sorted by code.

Perfect TV

Intermac NC break machine management on Perfect TV, with red visualization of the transversal that is about to be cut (comunicated by NC), the previous in orange and in yellow when NC requests for the visualization of all transversals.

Machine cut time

Machine cut time calculated not only based on cutting time but also on cut-off time. This is base on familiy parameters related to two cut-off times, the first one for small pieces (lower than 1,5 square meters area),
the second one for big pieces. If is defined that “breakout on line” on family, the times are add together otherwise only the greater one is taken.