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New features of Perfect Cut Release 6.3  Service Pack 2

Homogeneity for similarity

New management, if “Homogeneity for similarity” parameter in Rack configuration is set, for the allocation of the pieces on the delivery racks and, according to these, on cutting racks, based on a principle of similarity of the pieces. New parameters for such management: “Maximum distance for similarity” and “Distance weight for different jobs”, differentiated if delivery or cutting racks.

Numerical Control export

Numerical Control for TV and Intermac Numerical Control export.


Perfect Label synchronism with Intermac NC: implementation of “One each type” and “One each pack” management.

Constraint of the first transversal

The constraint of the first transversal also in relation to the sheet size has been implemented. In place of the constraint that the first cross-member is greater than 500 (parameter), it is considered that the remainder of the sheet (after the first transversal is cut) is lower than the bar length (parameter added in the configuration NC represents the remainder up to the support bar) + overhang. The overhang is a parameter set on the family (families with larger thicknesses may have increased, the 3+3 can flex more so it may have a smaller overhang) otherwise by the standard parameter on NC configuration (loaded with more conservative value by default). If the length of the bar is set to 0 the old constraint of the first transversal is considered.

Synchronism by Numerical Control

Sync by NC for label printing from the Perfect Cut / TV interface. It is possible to enable the printing of one or more labels by selecting the pieces that you want to print labels directly from the Perfect Cut Layout window or from the main window of Perfect TV. You have to select first the piece (or pieces), then with the right mouse button click “Print Selected Piece”. This piece will be inserted into PrintQueue.txt file (in the same directory of ToPrint.txt) the line or lines corresponding to the selected pieces (whose selection is canceled at the end). The Intermac numerical control, when free, will analyze the PrintQueue.txt file and, one line at a time, will be placed on ToPrint.txt when the printer is ready to receive printing. The line then will be deleted from PrintQueue.txt files, until the depletion of pending prints list. When a piece is selected from the Perfect Cut or Perfect TV layout interface, it is not keeping not of “One each type” or “One each package” mode or about the “NO_LABEL” indication on the piece.

Perfect Label

Horizontal and vertical alignment management, distinction size with ability to select only width or only height.