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From the digital picture to CAD

This module allows to trace a shape from a picture taken by a digital camera. Is linked to Perfect CAD.



With Perfect Photo you can acquire from a digital picture a custom shape of an object lying on a surface (like a wall or a table), with a suitable contrast between the surface and the object.

To improve the precision of the shape and correct the parallax errors and distortion of the camera lens, an aluminum frame with a variable size bar and a kit with 4 angles is provided. These bars have reference notches along the edge.

Perfect Photo - Shape with reference bars
Perfect Photo – Shape with reference bars


Perfect Photo - Traced shape
Perfect Photo – Traced shape


Once the Jpeg format file is opened from Perfect CAD, it is possible to:

  • Activate the elaboration function of the picture that “straightens” it considering the parallax and lens error.
  • Manually build the shape depending on the picture. For example it’s possible to select the draw with the spline curve and to manually insert points on the edge of the picture. It is also possible to manually insert segments and arches that rounds up the outline of the picture.
  • Select the automatic research of outline points of the shape. This function automatically insert the shape’s outline points which are conveniently separated from each other and connected by segments, defined as “building lines” (not considered for the cut). So it’s possible to select all segments or the image part that you want to round up with a curve and to requests for the spline conversion. The not curved elements can be connected to each other by segments.
  • Change the opacity level of the picture in order to highlight the effective entities that have to be sent to the cutting.
  • Delete the image.