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Perfect Stock
Optimal stock management

Allows the interaction and the semi-automatic management of sheet’s charge lists for the automatic stock. The interaction is done between many instances of Perfect Cut, the stock’s PC and many instances of numerical controls. Currently, the program is able to interact with Intermac and MOVETRO stock.



The program present itself as a data list that shows the current state of sheet managed by the automatic stock.
It is possible to make some action on it (for example to make the cancellation of the list or the dispatch to the stock) if the state of the list allows it.

Perfect Stock - Screeshot
Perfect Stock – Screeshot

In addition to the semi-automatic management of sheet’s charge lists, it is also possible to use Perfect Stock in “lung” mode, which means that Perfect Cut sends the charge list to Perfect Stock instead of sending it to the automatic stock, and the operator can decide when actually send the list to the stock manager.

The two program are able to interact in order to provide messaging to users whom creates their lists. Every time that from a Perfect Cut has been sent a dispatch request to Numerical Control, the user will receive confirms once reached important states (compleated, canceled, etc.).
Perfect Stock is able to interact with many Perfect Cut on different PCs.