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Automatic Stock Management Interface

Interface with automatic stock like Ferrari Cigarini, REM, Officine Mistrello, MOVETRO, Forel, …


Warehouse storage under control

Through Perfect Cut it is possible to access to archives available on automatic stock modules (Ferrari Cigarini, REM, Officine Mistrello, MOVETRO, Forel), to get the “real” available sheets and how many of these are accessible for automatic loading.
If the option is enabled these informations are printed or shown clicking on the family entry in the stock.

The interface provides also that together the files for the cutting machine, the optimizer generate files for sheets retrieval from the automatic stock when the user will start to cut a project.

If the option is enabled, it is possible to set on the stock sheet a level (threshold) below which the sheet is marked as “below safety stock level” and, as a consequence, the family which it belongs to. “Below safety stock” families and sheets will show on the stock tree with a pointing down red arrow.

The interface provides the also the stock levels.
The interface with MOVETRO automatic stock provides also the external stock quantities and the amount used by the optimizer.

Through a definition of interchange directory it is possible to know when an optimization has been processed by the stock and when it is completed (and, as a consequence, the stock is automatically updated).
The return of the half unused sheet at the end of the project is also considered.

The interaction between many instances of Perfect Cut and many instances of numerical controls can be managed by Perfect Stock.

Perfect Cut stock update

The Intermac NC, Perfect Stock and the Perfect Cut clients can request to the Perfect Cut master the stock update through appropriate messages.