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Perfect Bender
Spacer bending machines output

Allows the automatic transfer to spacer bending machines of pieces (optionally divided by thickness) to be sent to insulating glass assembly, sorting the spacers in a congruent way to the assembly list.
Through the Perfect Cut optimizer it is possible to transfer, in addition to normal pieces, also shapes and pieces for grids.


The postprocessor for bending machines does not need the project elaboration but only the input data of the project. It is possible to set some parameters in configuration:

  • The bending machine version (Forel, Lisec and related version, Valmac, Rjukan, Lenhardt, Optimac, CMS, Lisec formato TRF, Forel formato TTF, Lombarda Macchine, BestMakina).
  • The directory of the file generated by postprocessor.
  • Specifics parameters according to bending machine version.
  • In Forel bending machine it’s possible to set also grids and holes for gas.

The shapes must be “closed” and respect some restriction depending on specific machine (max numeber of entity, minimum range e minimun width segment) in order to let the bending machine manage these.

The spacers sorting mode can be determinated in many different ways:

  • Insertion sequence on Perfect Cut.
  • By assembly sorting.
  • In direct or opposite mode, depending on the fact that if the spacers production start before the assembly or in line with assembly .
  • In direct mode for the most frequent spacer and in opposite mode for the others.
  • By the established order but sorted by spacer type (e.g. spacers of 6 mm. first and than spacers of 9 mm., etc.).

With the bending machine output it is possible to manage sealants and the Lisec lineserver too.

A particular output is dedicated to the Forel automatic grinding machine.