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Perfect ERP
Business management for the glass sector

is the management software specifically developed to accomodate needs of the glass sector and in particular treats multiple of increase and minimum side, minimum billable area, machining depending on glass size (perimetral, increase for shape, area, number, grids), insulating glass with dynamic composition (without having the need to codify all the possible combinations) and all the specific management of the Glassmaker.


The main functions 

  • Base archives management: Articles, Customers / Suppliers, Racks and supporting tables.
  • Quotations and customers orders.
  • Customer / special prices / sales price lists.
  • Delivery note and invoice / deferred invoice.
  • Management of draws associated to orders rows.
  • CE certification and related prints management.
  • Interface to Perfect Cut, that allows to automatically pass pieces to cut to the optimizer , selecting in a simple way, the orders to send on production, avoiding in this way the double insertion and possible quotas typing errors.
  • Management of rack movements on site and among the Customers.
  • Management of supplier orders and related delivery notes.
  • Management of account work order or in and out TD.
  • Stock management.
  • Article requirement analysis.
  • Statistics management.
  • Active documents dispatch management (delivery note / invoices) with e-mail.
  • Shapes insertion (DXF or parametric), with the same modes of Perfect Cut.
  • Management and print of the consumption document and the cost analysis document of the order depending on scrap.
  • Various elaborations and prints.


A complete environment

One of the most important part of the program is the administrative one.
Perfect ERP is able to generate all documents useful for customer and production.

The image outlines the managed activities
The image outlines the managed activities


Perfect ERP comunicate with the other programs of Perfect Suite in order to make easier the office job. Moreover, there’s the possibility to interconnect the accounting managed by external programs.

Orders management - Screenshot
Orders management – Screenshot

Designed for glassmakers

The software is developed in detail to be used on glassmakers and contain additional modules useful for the glass machining.
Shown below some examples:

  • Automatic calculation of multiple of increase, minimum side and minimum billable quantity.
  • Insulating glass management in dynamic mode.
  • Machining management with selection of automatic calculation mode of the quantity.
  • The possibility to attach project for shapes, staggered glasses and grids to documents through specific interface.
  • The possibility to set oversize groups so that the price increase or that the user is warned.
  • Rack management that allows to know which racks are on site and which are among the Customers, from when and push for the return.
  • Defining single glasses, insulating and laminated glasses price lists according to the composition it calculate the correct price.
  • The machinings affects price, production programming, optimization and CE classification.
  • The program presents dedicated functions that allows to manage the account work immediately.
  • Supplier documents allows to manage the glass purchase according to squares meters, sheets number or amount of packages.
  • It’s enough to select sale orders to create glasses packing list to delivery.
  • At the moment of saving, every order is divided in work phases and passed to Perfect GePro the production program.
  • Consumptions and scraps calculation with the immediately stock update.

Management of shaped insulating glass on order

Once that the glass composition is defined (for example V33.1/12/F04EXC/14/PUN33.1) Perfect ERP allows the insertion of shapes directly from Perfect Shape, with the possibility to insert, already in the shapes draw, border edge, grinding offset, mirroring, trim to anticipate the cut before reaching the border, coating and machining face of the single componenets so that the shape automatically become specular to the cut if it’s necessary.

Once that the shape is inserted (valid for all components), it is possible to change every parameters that can be different from a component to another one (in particular the offset values for grinding and edges that have to respect in order to correctly open the shape). This will be automatically saved 3 potentially different shapes (by edges, offset, coating face).

The inserted pieces and shapes can be transfered to the cut optimizer later, without any other changes.

Once selected, the shapes can be visualized on the order and printed.
This can be sent to the optmizer with all their parameters so that Perfect Cut can insert them in a piece and send it on cut. In this way the shape is already defined at the ordering moment and so, as all the other pieces, it is possible to activate in an easy way all the following functions (cut flat surface, print by user, delivery note, invoice, etc.).

Stock management

The informations are visualizable from different prospectives: it is possible in every moment to consult pieces requirments and movements, to visualize the engaged, the quantity to order and the available in real time weekly divided, print the fiscal stock value etc.

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Racks movements after the delivery to the customer

In Perfect ERP is included the possibility to manage outgoing and delivery racks to Customers with the following features:

  • Create a racks stock, on site or among the Customer even with different types.
  • Manage the outgoing delivery note with the racks association on which the glass has been disposed for the delivery.
  • Create a entry delivery note document when the racks return on site.
  • Visualize/print racks on site or among customers with the related exit date, with the possibility to select the needed ones for a possible return request.
Racks management - Screenshot
Racks management – Screenshot