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Calculation of consumptions and scraps

How to realize if an order is a profit or a loss?


With an integrated system like Perfect GEA

For each document (order, delivery note, invoice) is possible to obtain a consumption summary.
These are directly discharged from the stock by a generated delivery note or invoice.
From these documents it is possible to show the consumption document related to every involved materials.

The consumption document can be referred to a single or to multiple orders.
It is possible to get the detail of each material divided by every single row of the document (order, delivery note, invoice).

Consumption summary

Without overlook anything

The consumptions will also consider the prensence of staggered glasses with or without extra sealant and refers to: glass, painting, spacer, sealant, gas, sieves, butyl, etc.

For glasses and spacers an average scrap and a percentage for the wreckage are defined by the user, in addition to another average scrap field that is automatically calculated.
The software can consider either the average scrap quantity and the average scrap inserted in the article.

For other articles it is possible also to define a standard consumption. For example for the paint it consider a coefficient that is multiplied by the surface area.

It is possible to show the scrap related to all the articles in the order.
The software use data of scrap related to all the projects where the pieces contained in the order have been cut.
The projects data are saved in the database when project is sent to the numerical control.

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