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Third-party software integration

Perfect Suite can be easily integrated allowing a third-party software to use a powerful optimization engine and an innovative interface for shapes management.


Data import

Perfect Cut can import data from structured ERP softwares.
It can import from external files:

  • General parameters
  • Parameters related to families
  • Parameters related to sheets
  • Pieces data, possibly with different components
  • Cut racks

And export…

Perfect Cut generates the following export files for each project:

  • Text files which includes the following informations for each layout:
    • Used sheet
    • Sheet informations (pieces area, net scrap and gross scrap)
    • The contained pieces and their related informations and position on the layout
    • Possible reusable tailings and their position
  • XML file with summary information on family and optimized pieces
  • CSV file with a summary information for each family

ERPs softwares, such as Perfect ERP and Perfect GePro, can interact with Perfect Cut, through a batch file, sending some commands to be executed like import files, optimize, print, export ISO to the Numerical Control, etc.

Advanced shapes selection interface

Third-party softwares can directly use Perfect Shape to enable a perfectly integrated shapes selection and modification interface.

The user can show parametric and DXF shapes, possibly apply machinings, add opening cuts and all the functions available on Perfect Shape.

The software that integrate the shapes interface obtain a proprietary shape file later usable during the project import in Perfect Cut. In that way the selected shape from the ERP will be available directly on the cutting table.

It is possible to obtain a picture of the shape in different formats (PNG, JPEG, BMP, ecc.) to be integrated in the order and in reports, and other useful informations like the shape dimension and the applied machinings.

In the same way, the software that integrate the interface, is enabled to use the structural glass interface.